Welcome to «Guided Munich Photo Tours.» This is a private, small-group tour customized by you, starting from just €50pp! We show you the hottest Munich sights, while teaching you how to use your camera to get the best possible shots. A great guided tour for Oktoberfest 2010 visitors interested in photography and sightseeing!


Guided Munich – the city’s English guided tour + photo course! Private tours start from €100. Click here to book now. Money Back Guarantee!

  • Guided Munich Photo Tours provides a customized private tour of Munich for small groups (up to 6 persons), while teaching you how to take great travel photos.
  • The techniques you learn will empower you to take memorable photos wherever you travel in the future.
  • Friends & family will ask you when the next slideshow is, and you’ll have a fantastic lifetime-travel photo album!
  • Ask about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you book your tour.
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Gift Certificates

» Are you bored of offering cash to the couple as a wedding present?

» Do you want a unique and original group birthday gift for a valued friend?

» Why not offer them a photo course – with a  Guided Munich gift certificate!

  • Learning photography is a gift that one can use for a whole lifetime.
  • Guided Munich tours are not just for tourists – Munich locals take our tours as well.
  • Recipients of your gift can still customize their tour as they like.
  • Whether it’s a wedding gift, birthday present, or other gift, you can be sure to surprise the recipient with this unique gift idea.
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Photo Comparisons

Here are visual examples of how some standard tourist snapshots could be improved using our techniques. For example,

  • Better framing / composition to make the shot more interesting
  • Using exposure compensation to correct the camera’s auto-exposure
  • Simply standing in the right place for the given lighting and subject!
  • Even a pocket camera can take fantastic pictures when used properly

If a picture is worth a thousand words, two pictures can really tell a story.

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