Marienplatz Panorama

Here’s what clients are saying about Guided Munich! You can also see some of these reviews (or leave one of your own, if you’ve taken the tour) on our Google Places page.

A client from Munich said:

A few days ago I had the pleasure of taking a photography tour with Dave. He turned boring book definition into living knowledge for me. He explained all concepts in a very clear and effective way. I was able to see improvements immediately. Thank you, Dave, for making learning fun.

Paul from Munich said:

I did one of these tours yesterday, and it was really good. I am experienced enough with my DSLR, but I was surprised of the depth of the tutor’s knowledge of the different camera aspects. Normally I play around a bit more when setting up shots, but Dave showed me a few ways to speed up taking good shots. A great tour.‎

Eric from Virginia said:

A couple friends and I signed up with Dave for his Guided Munich tour, to see some sights and learn more about photography. I have a DSLR and my friends had their point and shoot. I take a lot of photos but consider myself an amateur to intermediate photographer. Dave thoroughly explained some various camera settings, what they do, and how to manipulate them to get better photos, in terms of framing, lighting control and depth of field. I learned quite a bit! We took many photos using different settings, and I could immediately see how the images looked using the various settings (immediate feedback is always nice). Dave really knows his way around Munich. He also explains some history and meaning of the numerous sights. Don’t know German? No problem, Dave is fluent in German and English.

Am I an expert now…no, but I learned a lot about photography AND toured Munich. At the end of the tour Dave gave us a sheet explaining how to adjust camera settings for better shots. This sheet was very helpful, because it’s hard to understand the many concepts and how settings interact with each other in a few hours. I can refer to this sheet often to help my understanding and make me a better photographer. Thanks Dave! If you need a good photographer (wedding, family event, sports event) contact Dave, he has a great camera eye.

Nicole from Munich said:

I did a course with Dave, was fantastic and I learned a lot. He was really helpful , explained things really well in an easy manner and not all high-tech which can be confusing. I would recommend him and say try a course, it was also a very reasonable price. Dave also gave us a CD with various pictures and an easy sheet explaining camera settings for easy shots. I would say give it a go, well worth the money!‎

Peter from Munich said:

Much as I love taking pictures, I’ve never had a lesson before. That was before Monday when I went out with Dave who runs Guided Munich. I had a great time and learned a ton about how to take better shots in low light conditions. I’d very much recommend him.