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Night Photo from Oct. 4th Photo Walk

Here’s a fantastic shot by a client from Oct. 4th, taken using a Canon 500D. We learned about photography in the dark, and this shot has everything! There are trails from headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and even a bike light. I love the traffic signal with all lights appearing active due to the long [...]

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Munich Photo Walk Aug. 18th

I went on a photo walk with a pretty experienced client last week (admin of Dublin Information), and came up with some really good tips for him. Here are a few of the photos, taken with a Canon EOS 500D and two zoom lenses. This first one is an example of using depth of field [...]

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Munich Photo Walk Aug. 9th

Here are several great shots taken by a client, from a photo walk on August 9th. All photos were taken with a Nikon D80 and 18-200mm VR lens. Note that I blur out some faces, due to German laws protecting privacy. After discussing lots of terms and techniques, we got into freezing motion vs. motion [...]

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