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Responsible for Guided Munich website content and design:

  • David Douglas
    Guided Munich
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Guided Munich, and the operator David Douglas, have no influence on the design or content of any linked pages elsewhere on the world wide web. We dissociate ourselves from the contents of such websites. This applies for links from all pages of this site, and includes all content of the external pages linked via text links, banners, etc.

AGB / Terms and Conditions

  • Tour Contents – as each tour is customized per the requests of the clients, the contents are not fixed.
  • Discounts – only one discount may be used at a time; multiple discounts cannot be combined. Discounts apply only to the basic tour price, and not to additional external services (for example, public transport tickets and museum admissions).
  • Number of Participants – Guided Munich reserves the right to limit the number of participants allowed on a tour, in order to ensure that each participant can receive personalized instruction.
  • Children – when joining a tour along with a parent or legal guardian, there is no additional charge for children under 12. There is a charge in certain cases, such as school groups. In all cases, the minimum tour price still applies. Guided Munich reserves the right to ask for identification showing age, to ensure that this clause is not violated.
  • Exclusions – the tour price does not include public transport tickets, museum entry tickets, purchased food or drinks, camera rental, and other such charges. In case the client wishes to use these services, which are not associated with Guided Munich, they must be paid in addition to the normal tour fee unless otherwise specified by the guide.
  • Deposit – a deposit of 20% is due at the time of tour booking.
  • Cancellation – in case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the tour, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Rescheduling by client – Guided Munich will make all efforts to reschedule a tour, provided the client notifies the guide at least 2 hours before the planned start time. However, it may not always be possible to reschedule a tour. In case it is not possible to reschedule due to any reason (including, but not limited to: the client’s schedule in Munich, or the guide’s availability), this will be considered a cancellation on the part of the customer. The above clause for Cancellation is then in effect.
  • Rescheduling by Guided Munich – in the rare case when rescheduling is requested by the guide due to any reason (including, but not limited to: illness, family emergency, or accident), this is not considered a cancellation per above clause. In case rescheduling is not possible, the client’s deposit will then be refunded in full.
  • Payment – tours and associated services may be paid in cash, or via Paypal to the account (Note: payment by major credit card should be possible via Paypal). If tours are fully paid in advance, payment can also be done via German bank transfer. However clients should be aware that the timing is determined by the banks, and ensure that they transfer funds far enough in advance. In case of paying at the start of the tour, only cash payment is possible, and exact change is required (as the guide does not have a guaranteed variety of banknotes).
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If a client believes after the tour that the experience was not a valuable one, Guided Munich will refund the tour purchase price (minus any applicable admissions/transport tickets; see “Exclusions” clause above). A refund may be requested up to 14 days after the end of the tour. Because discounts may have been applied, the amount refunded will not be greater than the amount paid. In case more than one person is on the tour, but only certain persons wish to have a refund: a fraction of the price paid will be refunded based on the number of dissatisfied customers out of the total number of customers (excluding non-paying children under 12). All refunds will be done via the original payment method (either Paypal, German bank transfer, or cash) if possible. In cases where the tour was paid in cash and the refund is requested at a later date, refund by a different method may be required. Guided Munich will not send cash through the mail. Note that this entire “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” clause does not apply when the tour is paid by redeeming a gift certificate.
  • Materials – all course materials given to the client, whether in paper or electronic format, are Copyright David Douglas and Guided Munich. These are for personal use by the client, and may not be reproduced or distributed further. Sample photos included in the course materials may not be posted to online services (including, but not limited to: Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook). In case materials such as CDs are offered, only one copy is provided per tour group.
  • Gift Certificates – Guided Munich offers gift certificates, which can be purchased for 1 to 6 persons based on the same pricing scheme as normal tour purchase. In case of redeeming a gift certificate, no refund based on the “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” is possible. If the party redeeming a gift certificate wishes to add more people to the tour than the number paid for by the gift certificate, it is possible to add the additional people by paying the normal price per person for those extra participants.
  • Privacy – Guided Munich is serious about client privacy. We will only use photos taken by clients with permission. Clients’ names will only be published with permission (for example, in testimonials), which is the reason many testimonials are anonymous. We also follow German privacy laws, therefore candid style photos of single persons taken in Germany are not published on this website. It may happen that a photo is posted on the website where a person is recognizable. In this case, it is not by any ill intent of Guided Munich, nor intended to cause any damage. Should you find such a photo that could be misconstrued as violating privacy or causing damage, please  notify Guided Munich via the contact form, and it will be removed. Certain photos of public persons are used on the site, when persons put themselves into the public eye (for example, Eisbach surfers and Street Performers). In case such an individual personally objects to his/her photo being published on the Guided Munich website, it will be removed immediately upon request. The purpose of such photos is not to make any statement about, nor to imply any endorsement by, such persons. Photos are used solely to demonstrate photographic techniques or to showcase the photography skills of Guided Munich or our clients.