10 Aug 2010

Munich Photo Walk Aug. 9th

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Here are several great shots taken by a client, from a photo walk on August 9th. All photos were taken with a Nikon D80 and 18-200mm VR lens. Note that I blur out some faces, due to German laws protecting privacy.

After discussing lots of terms and techniques, we got into freezing motion vs. motion blur!

Bicycle motion blur

We discussed lighting. You can’t always get the perfect lighting for the whole scene at once. But in this shot, a CPL helps bring the viewer’s focus to the main subject, creating a nice color contrast between church and sky.

Theatinerkirche with CPL

Next came a perfect depth-of-field example in Hofgarten:

Flowers in Hofgarten

Finally, we finished up with surfers at the Eisbach, experimenting at the limits of the camera’s ISO sensitivity as the evening darkened.

Eisbach surfer near dusk

There’s a lot more to see in downtown Munich than just what’s listed in the guidebooks. Overall, this was a fantastic walk with some really interesting photo ops. And thanks to my client for allowing me to use these cool photos!

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    I dont usually leave comments but i have to tell you awesome job