Looking for a Munich Photographer? A camera rental in Munich? Or a specialized Photography Class in another country? Here are a few that I recommend!

Photographers in Munich

  • David Douglas of Guided Munich can do photo shoots of events around Munich, for example sports photography or company events.
  • Sauter is a large consumer+pro camera shop where you can also rent D-SLR cameras.

Photographers in Japan

  • Alfie Goodrich runs photo classes in Tokyo, focusing on Street Photography (which is basically not possible in Germany due to privacy laws).

Photographers in New Zealand

  • Paul at Green Glow Eco-Adventures runs a great caving tour. He’s an excellent cave photographer, so bring your D-SLR and get some great shots!

Photographers in the USA

  • Captain Kimo specializes in HDR Photography, an ever-growing field. Great HDR tutorials and photos on his site.


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