On your tour, you can learn the basics, or move up to more advanced topics. Here are a few of the photographic techniques and terms where your guide is knowledgeable:

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO – factors important to exposure, and the relationship between them
  • Bokeh – the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas in the picture (sample)
  • Depth of Field – how to change which portions of the frame will be in focus
  • Exposure Compensation – what to do when the camera’s chosen exposure is too light or too dark
  • Filters – there are a few filters that most hobbyists could benefit from (sample)
  • Flash – how to use your camera’s built-in flash, and a brief intro on off-camera flash
  • Framing and Composition – techniques to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your shots (sample)
  • Lighting – what kind of lighting and light angles make for a good photo (sample)
  • Nighttime Photos – how to use a tripod to take great photos at night
  • Panoramas – how to use manual mode for smooth panoramas, plus a free software recommendation (sample)
  • Photo Touch-Up – tips on touching up photos on a computer, using free software from Google
  • Sunsets – a few techniques to capture an amazing image of the setting sun and fiery red clouds (sample)
  • White Balance – the camera’s interpretation of what “white” is, and how to set it yourself (sample)

You can ask your guide to explain any of these topics. For some, like nighttime photos and sunsets, taking the photos depends heavily on when you schedule your tour (and the weather). Even if timing or weather doesn’t work out, your guide will be happy to explain these techniques to you. Then you can try them out on your own!